What is Shenase ?

Shenase is a solution that a recipient/payee can grenerate a unique code for each payable bills/invoice
via the application, and send it to the payer. Payer, then uses the unique codes to make the transaction
which enhances the ease of payment through out the process.

Shenase System Abilities

Easy payment

All bills in shenase can be paid via ATM machins and POS devices and via USSD codes.

Inform by SMS

You can send bills for your contacts via sms.this could be reliable for user.We will warranty delivery of sms.

Easy tracking

After issueing the bill , user can watch the state of the bill and track it.There are several way to check bill's statuses


Shenase also has facilities for installments.You can pay and manage installments in shenase.

Shenase supported banks

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